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    5 Signs That Your Water Filtrations System Needs Replacing

    It may be challenging for many home or business owners with water filtration systems in place to know when it’s time to replace them. Some tell-tale signs can indicate that your water filtration system is nearing the end of its cycle. If you observe any of the below signs, then you may want to consider replacing your system.

    Change in Taste and Smell

    Your water filtration system is intended to remove contaminants that can cause foul odors or tastes in your water. An abrupt change in the taste or smell of your water could mean that contaminants are making their way past your filter. If your system has some age on it, this can be a sign that your unit may need to be replaced.

    Debris in the Water

    If your water filter is malfunctioning, you may see small pieces of dirt, scale, or other debris in the water that the filtration system could not filter. If this happens, it may be a sign that your filtration system needs replacing. This may simply indicate that there is a fault in the system that needs fixing. However, if this isn’t a repairable issue, you’ll be needing a new system.

    Reduced Water Pressure

    Not only does an effective water filtration system remove contaminants to make water safer for drinking and cleaner, but it also keeps the water pressure at optimum levels. If you notice low water pressure in your home or business, it’s likely that your water filter system isn’t functioning correctly. Have your system checked for repairs, though if the problem cannot be repaired, you’ll need to update your system.

    Clogged Pipes

    Our pipes often become clogged from obstructions like food residue, hair, or other debris that should have no business in your lines. However, your pipes can become blocked from poorly filtered water as well. These types of clogs aren’t easily solved with plungers or pipe snakes. If your pipes are getting clogged from unfiltered water, it may be time to look into replacing your water filtration system.


    One of the most apparent signs that you should consider a water filtration system replacement is a noisy system. As a filtration system nears the end of its lifespan, it can start to sound labored. If you notice your water filter is beginning to sound strained and louder than expected, you should consider getting a replacement before it breaks down entirely.
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    Tips to Maintain Your Water Filtration System

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    You’ve already invested in a water filtration system for your home or business, you want it to last as long as possible. Though a replacement is inevitable at some point, we have some maintenance tips that can help you get the most out of your system’s lifespan. Cleaning the inside of your water filter system is essential to avoid a buildup of contaminants, dirt, and minerals in the filter. Avoid using harsh cleaning products as you don’t want to add harmful toxins that could be absorbed into the water. Instead of detergents, gently rinse your system with warm water to clean all elements in the system at least once a week. When cleaning the system, ensure you wash each part of the system, including the water filter, dispenser, line, and cap assembly. Another aspect of maintaining your system is by regularly changing the filter. If your filter is left too long without being changed, it can become clogged. Keep track of the dates you change your filter cartridge. Follow the guidelines for that specific cartridge type and your individual system’s instructions on how long this will last. The lifespan of your filter can be measured in months or gallons and will have an expiration date. When you change the filter cartridge, remember to check the O-rings for damage or leaks. Follow these tips, and your system will last as long as possible!
    Water Filtration System Replacement
    Whole House Water Filtration
    Our company is committed to providing our clients with the best water filtration services in the business! From installation to repairs to replacements, we do it all! Our team is fully licensed and qualified to handle any of your water filtration needs. If you want to learn more about our various services, give us a call today or visit our homepage!

    Reverse Osmosis Replacement

    One of the most popular methods we offer is the reverse osmosis water filtration system if you’re ready for a replacement or looking to upgrade your current water filtration system. These filters are simple systems that make filtration easy. The process removes dissolved inorganic solids by utilizing your own water pressure. The system pushes your water through a semi-permeable membrane filter that catches these contaminants and prevents them from being dispensed into your drinking water. Reverse osmosis filters are exceptionally popular with homes, food service businesses, and beverage producers as the process dramatically improves the taste of the water while making it safer for consumption. Whether you have a reverse osmosis system, or if you’re looking to make the switch to one, our team can help you out! We’ve installed a plethora of these water filtration systems quickly, efficiently, and with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure the highest quality replacement jobs on the market!

    Carbon Filtration Replacement

    Carbon filtration systems are another of the most popular types of home or commercial water filtration. These filters are highly effective, using chemical absorption to remove contaminants and impurities from the water using activated carbon filters. The extensive surface area of activated carbon makes it such an efficient water filter as it has more space to trap contaminants. Carbon filters will remove chlorine, sediment, odors, and other volatile organic compounds, thus improving the water’s taste. These filters work as the water flows through the carbon filters at less pressure, so they’re exposed to the filters for a slightly longer time, giving the filter more time to trap contaminants. If your system is ready for a replacement, or if you’re just looking for a change in filters, carbon filtration systems are an excellent choice for any home or business. Our team has the skills and experience to replace your existing water filtration system with a carbon filter in a timely manner.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can filtered water increase the lifespan of my equipment?

    Yes. Many water supplies contain small debris particles and chemicals, such as chlorine. These tiny particles can interfere with the mechanical functionality of your equipment. This can cause premature failures, such as valve failure. Chemicals can be corrosive and attack the internal surfaces of your equipment. With an effective carbon water filter, contaminants as small as 0.5 microns and chlorine will be removed, extending the lifespan of your character.

    What is hard water?

    Hard water is one of the most common water problems that homeowners experience. Hard water can leave spots and streaks on dishes and glasses, cause scale buildup, and even dull laundry colors. The usual cause of hard water is dissolved calcium and magnesium in your water. The Water Quality Association defines hard water as having a concentration of dissolved minerals above 1 grain per gallon or GPG. However, there are levels of hardness that range from slightly hard to very hard water. Slightly hard water has between 1 and 3.5 GPG, while very hard water has more than 10.5 GPG.

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