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Groundwater and hard minerals will inevitably make their way into your water supply, which can be very harmful to your health. Hard water filters will make your drinking water much more palatable by removing minerals and contaminants from your water supply. Hard water also has a nasty taste and it can also create severe plumbing issues for your home.

  • Limit lime build-up in your showerhead and plumbing system
  • Prolong the lifespan of your appliances that rely on water usage
  • Use less soap and detergent to clean your silverware
There are many benefits to hard water filtration that you need to know about!

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    Benefits of Hard Water Filters

    Buildup of minerals in your water can have a harmful effect on your health and well-being. Hard water can also devastate your household budget. The best thing that you can do is install a filtration system to alleviate any issues you are experiencing with your water supply.
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    Save Money

    The buildup of hard minerals and materials in your water supply can have a detrimental effect on your plumbing system, which may end up costing you a fortune in repair and replacement services. Also, water that contains a lot of sediment and hard minerals will require more energy to keep hot or cold.
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    Fewer Clogs in Your Plumbing

    Clogged sewer lines and pipes can be very frustrating to try and fix, but with a hard water filter, you can easily avoid this issue. Hard water can spell disaster for metal pipes, causing hard buildups to form which will eventually lead to clogging. Clogs in your plumbing will eventually create leaks and breakages, will cost a lot of money to repair or replace.
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    Tastier Tap Water

    Sulfur and magnesium sediment can greatly diminish the taste and freshness of your water supply. Hard water tends to have a discernably salty and sour taste. Hard water also has an unpleasant smell. Hard water filtration will remove any contaminants from your water supply that contribute to any disagreeable tastes or smells.
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    Improved Health

    Hard water can be detrimental to your health in the long term. Over-consuming magnesium or calcium can cause stone buildup in your body and an overgrowth of your bone joints. Over time drinking hard water can affect your throat lining and yellow your teeth. Clean and healthy water supplies can go a long way when it comes to improving your well-being.
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    Less Cleaning Time

    When washing your silverware or dishes with hard water, you will notice that it requires greater effort to ensure that they are spotlessly clean. Also, hard water can stain the lining of your bathtub by forming a chalky lime and soap scum residue that can take weeks to remove. Soft and filtrated water will allow you to wash your dishes and remove any soap scum almost effortlessly.
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    Water Softening Solutions

    Hard Water Filters

    Soft water is very beneficial for your health, especially when it comes to your skin and hair. Absent in soft water are the minerals and solids that render your soap insoluble and create soap scum, which will render your shampoo or body wash ineffective. Soft water enables you to form a deep lather so that your soap to go deeper into your skin to keep you clean and free from dirt and bacteria. Hard water also causes a loss of natural oils in your hair and skin, but soft water will easily reverse this. Because there are fewer minerals inside soft water, your skin will be able to retain more moisture. Hard water can damage your skin by depriving of natural oils, which causes your skin to become irritated and break out in a rash. Soft water is also beneficial for balancing the pH level in your hair so that it won’t be dry and frizzy. Hard water can also deprive your hair of its vigor and brightness. Buildup caused by hard water in your plumbing will also reduce your water pressure, which can make it more challenging to wash your hair, face, hands, etc.
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    Hard Water Filters
    Whole House Water Filtration
    Water softerner and filtration systems offer many benefits that you simply cannot refuse. Hard water can have many detrimental effects on not only your health but also your home. Hard water filtration makes it safer for you to take a shower, cook food, and wash your clothes. Because it is very easy for contaminants to enter your water supply, you should undoubtedly install a filtration system for you and your family’s protection.
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    Alternatives to Hard Water

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    We also offer several filtration repair, replacement and installation services that also help you alleviate any issues you are experiencing with hard water. This includes reverse osmosis (RO) systems and whole home filtration systems. Many people instill RO systems under their sink so that they have infinite access to clean and healthy drinking water. RO systems are great for removing any sediment, hard minerals, or contaminants from your drinking water and you will never have to buy bottled water ever again. RO systems are also better for cooking and your drinking water will taste a lot better. Whole home filtration systems will reduce buildup in your plumbing which will prevent any major damage from occurring and save you a ton of money on repair and replacement costs. Your washing machines will also operate more efficiently and less soap scum/mineral deposits will wind up in your clothes. Home filtration systems will also greatly improve your energy efficiency and help you conserve more water, which benefits the environment by not diverting as much water from reservoirs, lakes, and rivers.

    Indicators of Hard Water

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    There are several things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to monitoring the contents of your water supply, as there are several different indicators of hard water. Some tell-tale signs of hard water are watermarks left behind in your sink or bathtub (even after you recently cleaned them), and excessive buildup in the walls of your sinks and home shower. Hard water also has a distinctive taste/odor to it that is caused by high levels of magnesium and sulfur. Also, when you are taking a shower or wash your hands, you may notice that your skin feels itchy or it may also break out in a rash; this is because hard water contains excess minerals in it that deprive your skin of its moisture and natural oils. Also, had water will cause your water-using appliances to breakdown quicker, and it will also leave behind watermarks on your silverware and dishes after once they dry. There are many things you need to keep an eye on when it comes to your plumbing and water supply. If an issue ever arises and you want to do something about it, then do not hesitate to give us a call!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is reverse osmosis?

    Reverse osmosis (RO) systems are a filtration technique where water is purified through a membrane that is so small that hard minerals will not be able to pass through it. Only water molecules will be able to pass through – that is how small the passageways are. This is water separates sediment and other impurities from your water supply.

    Is it bad if there is chlorine in my water?

    Not necessarily. Other than a mild odor and slightly unpleasant taste, chlorine will not have much of an effect on your drinking water. Chlorine essentially functions as a disinfectant that kills off any diseases or pathogens in your drinking water. Most RO systems will remove up to 98% of the chlorine in your tap water.

    Whole Home Filtration System

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