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UV water purification systems are a guaranteed way to ensure your water is completely safe and disinfected. These systems utilize UV lights to purify water for your entire home. You can trust in Uv water purification systems to deliver the best water without adding or taking anything away and being 100% environmentally friendly. You can trust your water is safe because the UV wavelength scrambles the DNA in the living organisms so they can no longer reproduce and make you sick. You can count on our team of professionals to ensure proper installation or repair of your home’s UV water purification system!

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    Benefits of UV Water Purification System

    If you want to guarantee the water in your home is clean and safe to drink then you can count on a UV water purification system. This system has many benefits to contribute to a happy and healthy home!
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    Quick Process

    When it comes to the quickness of the UV water purification system there is absolutely no worry! You’ll never have to worry about a tank being refilled or having to water for the process. With this system, there’s no reaction time which means you can have pure water as fast as turning on your faucet.
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    Safe and Environmentally Friendly

    This purification system is one of the safest systems you can have as there are absolutely no chemicals involved in the process of obtaining clean water. The UV light simply cleanses the water due to the UV wavelengths and you’ll never have a worry about the environmental impact. This process is 100% environmentally friendly and produces no harmful byproducts.
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    Effective without Chemicals

    UV water purification systems are very effective in providing clean water without fear of harmful bacteria. Other than being effective all around, it does so without the use of any chemicals. Other products may use chlorine as a way to purify water which as this system uses a UV light to disinfect and clean water.
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    This system is amazingly reliable in providing clean water to your home. There’s no need to worry about turning the system off or on as it works 24/7 to ensure clean and safe water is delivered to your home at all times. You can count on this system for clean water day and night!
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    Cost-Effective with Low Energy Usage

    With this system, there is little maintenance needed to keep it running at full capacity. Once a year the lamp and sleeve will need to be replaced to keep clean water for your home. This purification system is incredibly cost-effective because of this and will help with energy bills as well. There’s no major energy needed to ensure clean water keeps your bills low!
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    How the UV Water Purifier Works

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    Whether we can see it or not, there are many organisms in our water that could potentially harm us. Some things found in water, such as fluoride, can be helpful to our bodies. Other components can make us ill if ingested which is why it is important to have a water purification system. UV water purification systems are amazing in how many of these harmful organisms they can eliminate to make our water safer for consumption. The way it works is harmful bacteria in the water is exposed to the UV light which then alters the DNA of these organisms preventing reproduction. The organisms can now no longer reproduce eliminating the threat of entering our bodies and causing sickness. The ultraviolet light of this purification system can eliminate common household sickness causing bacterias such as streptococcus, E. Coli, Hepatitis B, and many more. It may seem like this process could alter the taste of your drinking water but that is a huge benefit! While the UV system does get rid of the threat of harmful bacteria it will not take away or add anything that would alter the taste of the water in your home. It is amazing what a UV purification system can do!
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    UV Water Purification
    Whole Home Water Filtration
    Our team of professionals provides years of combined experience to give your home the cleanest and safest water possible! We offer very compatible rates and our services are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee the safest installation or repair you can get! Give us a call today to get more information about our UV water purification systems or receive a free, no-obligation quote.

    How UV purifiers are Safe and Effective

    The very first reason a UV water purification system is safe is that it doesn’t use other chemicals or change the water composition within the process. A UV sterilizer uses a light called the UV-C light. This specific light is not harmful to people as long as you don’t touch it or look at it while it is on, so there’s no fear of unnecessary UV exposure. Chlorine can be an alternative to UV light but increases maintenance difficulty as well as impeding safety. With UV purification systems there’s no worry of dealing with chemicals, measurements, or retention tanks and it removes more of the harmful bacterias that chlorine can’t. UV purification is becoming increasingly popular because of its safety and effectiveness that a lot of wastewater treatment plants have made the switch from chlorine to UV purification. These systems sterilize water quickly and effectively-99.99% effectively to be exact! These purification systems are designed to run constantly to ensure there is always access to clean water throughout your home at any given time. There is no filter so there is no debris or wastewater to clean out and every drop of water that enters the system is guaranteed to be cleaned.

    How to Maintain a UV Water Purification System

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    One of the best reasons to have a UV water purification system is the ease of maintenance. Although these systems last for many years it does require maintenance like any other aspect of your home. As said before they are incredibly easy to maintain and designed to run continuously. The UV lamp itself needs to be replaced once a year. These lamps contain mercury vapor as fuel to ignite the IV wavelength. Over time, this vapor dissipates and needs to be replaced, However, this lamp last about 9,000 hours or 375 days of continuous use. Another maintenance aspect is cleaning the quartz sleeve. This sleeve is the glass that surrounds the lamp itself and if it’s dirty the lamp may not be effective. Once a year when you replace the lamp be sure to check the sleeve to ensure it is clean for the best results. While the quartz sleeve can be cleaned it is best to replace this sleeve every two years. When replacing this sleeve be incredibly careful as they are fragile and can break easily. It’s always best to keep an extra on hand just because of how fragile these sleeves are.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Does the age of my UV lamp affect its effectiveness?

    Yes! The age of your lamp will directly impact the effectiveness of your system. As long as you replace the lamp yearly as suggested, you should be in good shape to deliver clean water to your home.

    How much will it cost to have UV water purification system installed?

    In most residential cases this purification is incredibly affordable. Not only is it cost-effective on energy savings, but the system only cost anywhere from $400-$1,800 to be installed. Our company offers quotes designed to fit your specific needs and can give you more information for you to make the best decision for your home.

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