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Is your water filtration system not performing? Have you noticed a change in the quality of your water, taste, or smell? You may require repairs! Our company offers a full range of water filtration repair services to help keep your system up and running. Everyone deserves clean water, so don’t let your system die when you can call us!

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    Signs That Your Water Filtration System Needs Repairs

    Water filtration systems are built to last. However, this doesn’t mean that every part is meant to last forever. Sometimes, you’ll experience a part in your system that wears out or becomes damaged for one reason or another. When this happens, you can rely on us to fix it! But how do you know when your system needs repairs? Check out the signs below that can indicate you’re in need of repairs.


    If you notice any leaks around your water filtration system, you may be in need of repairs. Keep an eye out when performing routine maintenance on your filter for any areas that are leaking water. If you discover any such leaks, this can indicate that a part is failing or damaged, thus allowing water to seep out of the filtration system.

    Loud Noises

    As water filtration systems get older, some parts may wear out and cause unnecessary strain on the system as a whole. This strain can cause your water filtration system to be louder than expected, or even excessively loud in some cases when it’s running. If your system is running louder than usual, you should consider having it checked out for repairs.

    Lower Water Pressure

    A fully-functioning water filtration system should not cause you to have less water pressure. If anything, you may have better water pressure than before it was installed! If you notice that you have less water pressure than normal, this can indicate that your filter isn’t working correctly. When your system isn’t working correctly, excessive minerals and debris can make their way into your water, causing it to slow down in your pipes.

    Foul Taste or Smell

    Most quality water filtration systems are designed to make your water taste and smell better. If you suddenly experience water that tastes bad or smells bad, then your water filter system isn’t doing its job. Whether it’s a malfunctioning part or an aged filter, you’re likely going to need repairs to get your system up and running again.

    Abnormal Water

    One of the quickest and easiest ways to check if your water filtration system works properly is merely looking at your water. If you notice a discoloration of the water or small amounts of dirt or debris in the water, then there’s a problem with your water filter. If your water appears abnormal, consider having your system checked for repairs.
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    What Causes a Breakdown?

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    After knowing all the signs that your water filtration system needs repairs, you may be wondering what would even cause it to breakdown in the first place. Several factors could cause your water filtration to breakdown. If the water from your filter system isn’t up to standard, there is likely a fault somewhere in the system. It could result from inadequate water pressure due to your pipes being damaged, or the tank may be damaged. It’s also possible that whoever installed your system may have forgotten to remove the protective plastic from the filter or installed the system’s elements in the incorrect order. No matter what has caused your water filtration system to breakdown, don’t simply settle for subpar drinking water. If you think there may be a problem with your system, we can come to your location and assess your water filter system for you. If a problem is present, we’ll work with you to develop the fastest, most affordable solution to repairing your system.
    Water Filtration System Repair
    Whole House Water Filtration
    No matter if you need repairs for the water filtration system in your home or business, a new one installed, or to replace an aging system, we’ve got you covered! Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to guarantee quality service and superior safety. Our team of water filtration experts has the skills and experience to handle any and all of your water filter needs!
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    Understanding Water Filtration

    When you’re considering having your water filtration system repaired, it’s essential to understand water filtration. Your water filtration system performs a necessary function by removing harmful or unpleasant substances and preventing them from making their way into your plumbing or coming out of your faucets. Some water filter systems cover your entire home, while others only filter individual taps or appliances. There are several different kinds of filters designed to either target and remove one or two specific substances from your water or remove a much broader range of contaminants. Our team has been thoroughly trained to understand water filtration completely and effectively apply their skills to all types of water filtration devices. We can work with you to repair your system or help you choose a more appropriate filtration solution to suit your needs.

    Why Choose Us?

    Water filtration systems frequently work alongside other types of water systems in your home, including water softener systems and more. Our team of plumbing experts has installed, maintained, repaired, and replaced countless water filter devices and integrated systems with years of experience in this industry. No matter what the setup is in your home or business, we can provide our clients with a comprehensive solution that will address all of your water-related needs. Regardless of the extent of your water filtration needs, our company will walk you through each of the available options, help you select the best choice for your specific situation, and help you keep your home or business’ water safe and clean. You can rely on our company to give you the best in cost-effective solutions, outstanding customer service, and a complete understanding of the state-of-the-art equipment that increases the quality of your plumbing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What water filtration systems can you service?

    Our company services and repairs most brands and models of water filtration systems, regardless of whether we installed or designed the system. We’ve trained our technicians on the ins and outs of a wide range of water filter devices to ensure that no matter the situation, we can get your water filtration system running efficiently and effectively again.

    What is reverse osmosis?

    Reverse osmosis, commonly referred to as RO, is an effective method for removing solids and impurities from water. This is accomplished through a semi-permeable membrane and can be enhanced by adding a carbon water filtration system for drinking purposes. With reverse osmosis, your water enters the membrane capsule and is pushed against the membrane by your home or facility’s water pressure. Any molecule that is the size of a water molecule or smaller will pass through the membrane while anything larger is retained on the membrane’s reverse side. As this process is slower than the flow required, the water is sent to a storage system. It remains there until the water is needed. The rejected water and the impurities in it are sent down the drain. Many reverse osmosis water filters utilize carbon water filtration at this point to give a final pass to the water before it reaches your taps.

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